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Evening Prayer: May 25th


O God, thank you for being with me all this day. Thank you for helping me know that salvation is through you. I thank you, O God, that you have come to me and sustained me so that I may serve you more faithfully. Thank you for the powerful way your mercy has been given to me. I know you have made this day, and I rejoice that I have been able to serve you. Give me peaceful rest this night. In the name of Christ I pray. Amen.

From “The Weight of Glory” by C.S. Lewis

That structural position in the Church which the humblest Christian occupies is eternal and even cosmic. The Church will outlive the universe; in it the individual person will outlive the universe. Everything that is joined to the immortal Head will share his immortality. We hear little of this from the Christian pulpit today. What has come of our silence may be judged from the fact that recently addressing the Forces on this subject, I found that one of my audience regarded this doctrine as “theosophical.” If we do not believe it let us be honest and relegate the Christian faith to museums. If we do, let us give up the pretence that it makes no difference. For this is the real answer to every excessive claim made by the collective. It is mortal; we shall live for ever. There will come a time when every culture, every institution, every nation, the human race, all biological life, is extinct, and every one of us is still alive. Immortality is promised to us, not to these generalities. It was not for societies or states that Christ died, but for men. In that sense Christianity must seem to secular collectivists to involve an almost frantic assertion of individuality. But then it is not the individual as such who will share Christ’s victory over death. We shall share the victory by being the Victor. A rejection, or in Scripture’s strong language, a crucifixion of the natural self is the passport to everlasting life. Nothing that has not died will be resurrected.

The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis

From A.W. Tozer