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Inspirational Photo

Inspirational Photo

Morning Prayer: May 31st

Eternal and everlasting God, thank you for exalting Jesus and making him Sovereign above all things. Tragically, I live in a world that more often than not, does not recognize his sovereignty, missing out on the love, mercy, and grace that he has for them. May I be a faithful witness whose words and deeds may lead others to the Light that has come to bring life.

Today I remember and am thankful not only for those through the ages who not only believed in the Messiah and confessed Jesus as Savior, but also went to their deaths rather than deny Him. Give me courage and strength this day to live my faith in such a manner –  even in the face of hostility. Above all else this day I want to thank you for Jesus, who has become my Savior and Sovereign and lives with you, God, above all others in heaven and on earth. May He be glorified through my actions and deeds this day. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Evening Prayer: May 30th


Forgive me, O God, for those thoughts and deeds that banished your peace, and in your mercy refresh me to receive it anew. Grant me humility to let go of the disappointments of this day – disappointments in myself and in others – that tonight might bring restful peace. In the awesome name of Jesus I pray. Amen.